Hardware Break Fix

Here, at Tech Coverage, our expert engineers provide the best hardware break-fix services when we talk about repairing or replacing defective hardware.

Our team of skilled professionals is expertise in a broad range of tasks without compromising on the standards. Our services include mounting and un-mounting network devices, Memory Dimms and Motherboards replacement, installing and configuring Routers and Switches, PCs and Macs, printers, and scanners installation, and most significantly, server room maintenance and network cabling and patching are always up to the mark.

We are experts in providing hardware break-fix services. We have skilled professionals who have expertise in a wide range of tasks such as

  • Mounting and un-mounting network devices
  • Replacing Memory Dimms
  • Replacing Motherboards
  • Routers and Switches installation and configuration
  • Installation of PC’s and Mac’s
  • Printer and scanner installations
  • Server room maintenance
  • Network cabling and patching